'Dick facilitated our quarterly strategy progress meetings. He helped my team to monitor and push the implementation of our strategy. Due to his involvement we had a better preparation of our meetings and more efficient discussions. He helped us to prioritize and focus. By guiding us in a very structured manner through this complex process, he made us feel “in control” again after each meeting. His facilitation style was inspiring and motivating, involving every team member in the discussion and taking over the business understanding very fast. Dick is also a kind person to work with.' (Jürgen Baune - Executive Vice President / General Manager SBU AkzoNobel MCA)

'Over the past few months, Dick Mossel has supported AkzoNobel Chlor-Alkali sBU with the development of the five year strategy plan. It has been a great pleasure working together with Dick on the strategy project. With a professional and enthusiastic manner (including many interactive breakout sessions), he coached and facilitated us through the different stages of the strategy. Dick was very instrumental and helped us in a very structured way to work together as a team on this strategy plan. He very quickly made himself familiar with the business, opportunities and challenges thus ensuring that he could make a very valuable contribution during the whole process. Dick has been very dedicated and hard working in delivering the materials and in working to deadlines in order for us to move smoothly through the necessary steps in the strategy process. I would strongly recommend Dick as a facilitator / project leader for the development of your strategic plans. We are very pleased with the final results and the process we have used as a management team, to develop our new strategy which we are now in a position to start to implement.' (Martin Riswick - Executive Vice President / General Manager SBU AkzoNobel Chlor-Alkali)

'Dick supported our management team in defining our business strategy, mission and vision for 2017. He worked with us during the first half of 2012. Dick is an open and friendly person and became a natural extension of the team during this period. Key quality has been the way how he took us through the process; the whole team really lives the strategy now. A great facilitator. He is self driven, result oriented and will go the extra mile, which are also essential ingredients for a successful partnership.' (Frank Suyver - HR Business Partner AkzoNobel Chlor-Alkali)

'I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dick Mossel and Terra Strategy for developing a business case for electronic invoicing and factoring in Peru. Dick is a committed and intelligent person who very easily grasps complex subjects and is both good at always asking the exactly right questions as well as providing valuable and insightful solutions and comments. Working with Dick is a pleasure and I am confident recommending him for all business development and facilitation.’ (Kenneth Bengtsson – General Manager Alfa1lab)

'Dick facilitated a workshop aimed at creating the requirements for a new internet application. He succeeded in a structured way to align the participants with very diverse views, resulting not only in optimum requirements, but more important commitment to the requirements.' (Willem Bakermans - Product Manager e-Services AkzoNobel Automotive & Aerospace Coatings)

'I much appreciated having Dick/Terra supporting our value proposition process. He brings along a strong methodology and great experience, which makes it attractive for people to contribute. I certainly invite other Marketeers to try out.' (Olivier Hayard - Marketing and Sales Manager AkzoNobel Salt)

De volgende testimonials hebben betrekking op de periode dat Dick Mossel strategie ontwikkelingsprocessen bij verschillende (Sub)Business Units van AkzoNobel structureerde en faciliteerde:

'I had previously worked with Dick on two strategy development projects so was already aware of his skills and abilities. During the Asia strategy development process, Dick was the key facilitator and did much to ensure the brief was followed and that the overall project management was kept on track throughout. His pre-planning, structured approach, facilitation, follow-up report and recommendations were outstanding. The most important measure of success is that the business strategy derived through the process led by Dick has been accepted by the Board of Management and is in communication/execution phase as I write. Dick is an outstanding professional and his consulting style is very adaptive to the needs of the client and remains outcome oriented from start to finish.' (Keith Power – Director SBU Asia Pacific, AkzoNobel Car Refinishes)

'Dick is a hard working person. He approached the project he worked on with my team and I, in a systematic and professional way. He was a pleasure to work with, which had a positive impact on engaging all of the participants in the project. I can report that the outcomes and actions from the project have yielded positive results not only for the business, but I believe also for the individual participants.' (John Wolff – SBU manager, AkzoNobel Coil & Extrusion Coatings)

‘I have had the pleasure to work with Dick on a variety of business strategy sessions and market intelligence projects. He supported not only the business plan development, but also the regular validation. During these sessions, Dick demonstrates an excellent working method that is patient and relaxed; bringing the best from the team. His support is without preconceived opinions; asking leading questions to develop a full understanding and bridge information gaps. His approach is thorough and methodical. The output is concise and timely.’  (Chris Bradford - Business Manager, Automotive Plastics Coatings North America, AkzoNobel Car Refinish)